We invite you to communicate globally.  Our native teachers provide tailor-made, culturally-infused language classes in Dutch, French, German, English, Italian, Spanish and Chinese.  Our programmes are ideal for corporations and global businesses.  They will help advance your company’s foreign language skills, strengthen team efforts and help developp your B2B relationships globally.

Communication is the key of business.  Our goal is to help you bridge the gap between you and your foreign partners.  Whether your company has recently penetrated a new foreign market or is looking to reestablish cultural bounds in your native market, we can help and implement group or private classes, in-house or online classes.

B2B group classes


Our in-house language courses are designed with the busy schedule of your employees in mind.
Course content is tailored to the needs and the levels of the participants.  We use the Common European Reference Scale.
Find out more about the pros and cons of group and private classes.


The modern age of technology is changing the way we live.
It offers us new and interesting ways to interact online.

Skype lessons provide students the opportunity to learn a language with native speakers, regardless of their geographical location.

As the in-house classes, the lessons are tailor-made to the needs and levels of the participants.


Old meets new with the best of traditional classroom instruction with the power of the technology of the 21st century!


“Chère Madame, nous vous enverons avec joie quelques échantillon de nos produits. Puis-je vous demander à quel adresse je dois vous les envoyez?”

Although probably offering very serious services, the sender of this email does not give a good image of himself or his company.

A bad spelling seriously harms the health of your company.  A writing riddled with mistakes gives the impression that you lack seriousness, rigor, precision.  Or worse: that you make fun of your interlocutor.

Mastering spelling also allows better communication, better understanding.

We therefore offer refresher training courses for Francophones (or non-Francophones with a minimum C1 level)

These trainings also make it possible to work on the style: formulas specific to the electronic correspondence, paper, writing of report, use of the logical relations.

In a society that focuses on the image, the written word is and remains essential.  Let us not forget.

French writting


We can help to guide your company through the essential steps to ensure that your programme runs smoothly and achieves the aims you have set.





“I definitely recommend EDL.  They are friendly, enthusiastic and professional and really, really flexible.  They always had a solution to suit my busy agenda.”

Jenny Anderson

“I highly recommend everybody to take classes with EDL and especially Skype classes. All the sessions are going to be arranged perfectly, so you won’t regret any minute you spent on it. I should confess that the the classes that I had were the best experience in English I ever gained in my long language learning path!”

Mike Vermont

Language trainings